Sensortechnics is a part of the First Sensor AG

Technology and industry competence

First Sensor possesses innovative, integrated expertise in the fields of optoelectronics and MEMS sensors, microsystems technology and hybrid electronics. Our industry expertise encompasses medical and industrial applications, the aerospace sector, mobility and security solutions.

Complete solutions from a single source, at our own production sites

First Sensor components, modules and sensor systems are developed and manufactured on a customer-specific basis at all production locations: at the Berlin headquarters as well as at five German locations Berlin, Chemnitz, Dresden, Munich, and Oberdischingen/Ulm. First Sensor also has two subsidiaries in the US as well as one in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Experience breeds reliability

At First Sensor, tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand. For over 20 years, the highly specialized development and production expertise of about 750 employees across the globe has allowed them to focus on the implementation of individual customer requirements with highest levels of technical excellence, precision and reliability.

The secret of our success

First Sensor products are valued for their efficiency and precision. The production requirements and strategic alignment of their customers attribute great importance to target-oriented working, absolute reliability and integrity. Every day, First Sensor successfully meets this challenge head-on. The company establishes and maintains long-term partnerships with its customers, whose development and production periods generally last many years. This is precisely why its customers chose First Sensor as their partner: because of its competence, size and financial stability make it the ideal companion on the long road ahead.

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