Custom Flow-Through Pressure Transmitters

Sensortechnics Develops Custom Flow-Through Pressure Transmitters for Different Application Requirements

Following some specific demands from the Medical, Analytical and Industrial Markets Sensortechnics has developed a new range of flow-through pressure transmitters. These are designed for easy inline tube connection and can measure absolute or gage pressures of a wide range of liquids.

Sensortechnics' flow-through transmitters feature minimised internal dead volumes for precise pressure measurement and handling of very small sample quantities. The wetted sensor parts can be passivated to provide excellent resistance against aggressive and corrosive liquids as well as disinfectants. These custom designs offer optimised flow paths which are also easy to flush and clean. Teflon® coatings to prevent particulate adhesion and possible blockages are also available. Additionally, in some designs, the sensor head can be separated from the sensor to expose the inner flow channels. Special sensor materials with high thermal resistance ensure compatibility with autoclaving cycles.

In addition to the individual mechanical design, Sensortechnics' flow-through pressure transmitters can provide many electrical output signals and termination options. These include current and voltage outputs, digital bus interfaces or completely customised hardware and software interfaces.

Sensortechnics has many years of experience in developing custom specific flow-through pressure transmitters for different applications. Successful solutions have been realised in dispensing systems, analytical sample distribution equipment, dialysis machines and medical surgery systems.

March 2009
Sensortechnics press photo Custom Flow-Through Pressure Transmitters
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