Cost Effective Stainless Steel OEM Pressure Sensors Offer Ranges from 200 mbar and G 1/8 Threaded Ports

Sensortechnics' new SSOstainless steel pressure sensors accurately measure gage or absolute pressures in ranges from 200 mbar up to 35 bar. Fully welded, media isolated rugged stainless steel constructions with G 1/8 (BSP) threaded pressure ports allow for high media compatibility with corrosive liquids and gases. These devices are precision calibrated and temperature compensated and offer excellent repeatability as well as long-term stability. A fully analog compensation technique ensures anearly unlimited pressure resolution as well as very fast response times.

Sensortechnics' SSO sensors are based on proven piezoresistive silicon pressure sensing elements and offer OEM customers an excellent price/performance ratio. The laser-trimmed compensation resistors deposited on a ceramic substrate are protected by aspecial coating against environmental hazards such as humidity or dirt. As a further packaging option a diaphragm version with weld ring is available. Additionally, Sensortechnics can provide very fast and flexible modifications of its SSO pressure sensors to fit custom specific requirements as well as versions with amplified analog and I²C bus output.

Important features of the SSO series are:

  • Pressure rangesfrom 200 mbar up to 35 bar gage or absolute
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Fully welded, media isolated rugged stainless steel construction
  • G 1/8(BSP) threaded pressure port or diaphragm version with weld ring

Sensortechnics' SSO stainless steel pressure sensors are the perfect fit for many OEM applications including industrial measurement and control, medical devices and instrumentation equipment.

November 2010
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