OEM Pressure Sensors Offer Excellent Media Compatibility and Many Custom Options

Sensortechnics’ new KMA series measures gage pressures of corrosive and aggressive gases and liquids in ranges from 500 mbar to 100 bar (7 to 1450 psi). These pressure sensors utilize internal digital signal conditioning to deliver calibrated and temperature compensated 0.5…4.5 V output signals. The KMA sensors are based on very accurate and long-term stable ceramic pressure cells with excellent media compatibility. The small stainless steel sensor housing is ideally suited for space-saving integration into demanding OEM devices and machines.

The KMA series offers different options in order to adapt the sensors to the specific customer application. The selection of the right o-ring material (e.g. NBR, FKM, others on request) ensures best compatibility with the process media. An optional parylene coating of the ceramic pressure cell allows for an additional protection against particularly aggressive fluids and harsh environments. Further, custom pressure ranges and a wide selection of pressure fittings are readily available. For the safe pressure measurement of gaseous oxygen Sensortechnics offers special manufacturing and cleaning processes which ensure the KMA sensors are free from oil, grease and other combustible contaminants (certified for oxygen service up to 30 bar (450 psi) by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing).

Important features of the new KMA series are:
  • Pressure ranges from 500 mbar to 100 bar (7 to 1450 psi)
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated 0.5…4.5 V output signals
  • Excellent media compatibility
  • Many custom options available
Sensortechnics’ KMA pressure sensors are the perfect fit for many OEM applications including industrial measurement and control, medical devices and instrumentation equipment.

June 2011
Sensortechnics Press Photo KMA pressure sensor
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