Complex Custom Sensing and Fluidic Control Systems

Sensortechnics Develops and Manufactures Complex Custom Sensing and Fluidic Control Systems

Sensortechnics offers OEM customers complex custom sensing and fluidic control systems for assembly into medical devices, instrumentation equipment and demanding industrial machines. These modules can integrate components such as sensors (e.g. pressure, flow, temperature, humidity), valves, pumps, microcontrollers, reservoirs, accumulators etc. to form compact OEM subsystems. The use of plastic manifolds enables the three-dimensional configuration of flow channels thus eliminating time consuming and error-prone piping procedures. Sensortechnics’ integrated systems allow OEM device manufacturers to shorten their design cycle, save development costs and achieve competitive advantages as well as fast innovations to the market.

Sensortechnics’ engineers have a vast knowledge and experience in designing fluidic as well as electric circuits and programming microcontrollers and software to handle control signals for sensors and actuators. Analog and digital standard output signals or completely customized interfaces allow for easy integration of the subsystems into OEM devices.

During the development process customer requirements will be converted into a technical specification and build-up of prototypes. Following the verification according to customers’ specifications, the design is transferred to Sensortechnics’ modern production facilities and finally tested and qualified. Further, Sensortechnics can provide the complete service of all sensing and fluidic control systems for its customers. All processes at Sensortechnics are subject to a quality management system with comprehensive control and documentation requirements which is certified according to ISO 13485:2003 (medical device standard) and ISO 9001:2008.

November 2010
Sensortechnics Press Photo Custom Sensing and Fluidic Control Systems
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