Precise measurements mean more cost-effective heating and air conditioning technology

Optimal control of HVAC systems to ensure they work with maximum efficiency and minimise pollutant emissions requires reliable sensors and precise measurements.

For many years now, Sensortechnics has been offering OEMs standard-compliant, durable and easy-to-integrate sensors for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology used in applications in private households and industrial use. The benefit to you as a developer and manufacturer of HVAC systems is that our sensors deliver the measurements, while your design and service engineers ensure optimum configuration.

In the area of HVAC Sensortechnics offers:
  • A multitude of pressure, flow and level sensors with the most diverse technologies and a wide spectrum of measurement ranges
  • Our sensors deliver precise measurements – we adapt the materials, calibration, signal processing and signal transmission to match your application requirements.
  • Sensor solutions from Sensortechnics are standard-compliant and meet the most stringent quality requirements
  • Application-specific integration of sensors and actuators
  • A high degree of flexibility thanks to our own production and service capabilities
  • Ultra low pressure sensors from 0.25 mbar which are largely unaffected by dust and humidity and permit the use of connecting hoses and filters without influencing the sensor output signal

Successes and examples of use

Sensor solutions from Sensortechnics have already proven their reliability in practical use for many years. Our international customers in the field of heating and air conditioning use a range of flow, differential pressure, vacuum gage pressure and level sensors. Other types of sensors are used in applications like heating, air conditioning/ventilation systems, biomass systems, fuel cells, heat exchangers, boilers and tanks. Sensors are indispensable for analysing smoke gas, exhaust air, supply air and monitoring filters. Other applications include controlling valves, barometric ventilation flaps, VAV controllers, air transmitters, breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, smoke gas detectors and other gas detectors. Sensors are also used in very exacting clean-room technology applications.

Other applications

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Product Matrix
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The digital LDE differential low pressure sensors are based on thermal flow measurement of gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the sensor chip. More...
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