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Added efficiency in harsh environments

Level, pressure, flow – industrial applications illustrate a whole host of measurement techniques and sensors. The primary aim is to achieve greater safety and cost-efficiency by controlling key process parameters.

Sensortechnics supports product, system and design engineers with a wide range of sensor solutions and the ability to optimise sensors to specific requirements:

  • A multitude of different measuring principles for a variety of measurement ranges and tasks
  • Reliability when measuring in harsh, humid and dusty environments, whilst measuring aggressive, corrosive, explosive liquids and gases through the use of a diverse range of materials and constructions
  • Adaptations when connecting and integrating the sensors into the overall solution
  • Non-contact measurement procedures
  • Application-specific calibration, signal processing and signal transmission
  • Customised integration of different sensors
  • Proof of the components, processes and quality certificates used
  • A high degree of flexibility thanks to our own manufacturing and service capacities

Save yourself the time-consuming research – ask our experts for the ideal sensor solution for your industrial application.

Successes and examples of use

Our industrial customers rely on the experience, expertise and wide technology spectrum of our sensor solutions:

  • Pressure and flow measurement of gases and liquids in machines, devices and systems
    (from highly sensitive procedures to high-pressure systems or filter monitoring)
  • Measurement of process parameters in chemistry and biotechnology
    (liquid level, supply, composition, hazard prevention, environmental control, etc.)
  • Agricultural machines
    (tank level control and supply for machines used in soil cultivation, manuring, plant protection, feed technology and milking technology)
  • Foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco industry
    (sample or permanent measurements when checking the liquid levels and filters as well as during high-precision dispensing)
  • Manufacturing
    (checking hydraulics, pneumatics and climate in machines and systems)
  • Fuel cells
    (flow and differential pressure sensors for monitoring air and fuel supply)
  • Aerospace, military and missile technology
    (high-precision and extremely reliable sensors for pressure control, flow control and continuous level control – also for sporting and model aircrafts)

Other applications

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