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Precise analysis thanks to sensitive sensors

Reliable sensors are the key element of any piece of measuring equipment. Manufacturers of measuring and analytical instruments have long since put their trust in sensors from Sensortechnics. We give you the technological edge so you can manufacture durable measuring equipment that delivers maximum accuracy – whether it's used in maintenance or limit value monitoring, and of course based on the appropriate standards and guidelines. No matter whether you're undertaking spot or long-term measurements – with our sensors you'll always obtain precise and reliable results, even under critical operating conditions.

Our sensors' areas of use are diverse – from simple pressure measuring systems, exhaust gas measuring equipment, warning and service measuring devices for gas heating systems to gas-phase chromatographs whose pump and sampling systems are regulated using our sensors.

For measuring equipment and analytical instruments, Sensortechnics offers:

  • A multitude of level, flow and pressure sensors with the most diverse technologies and a large selection of measurement ranges.
  • Our sensors deliver precise measurements – we adapt materials, calibration, signal processing and signal transmission to the requirements of your application.
  • Sensor solutions from Sensortechnics are standard-compliant and satisfy the most stringent quality requirements.
  • A high degree of flexibility thanks to our own manufacturing and service capacities.

Successes and examples of use

Sensors from Sensortechnics have been successfully used for many years in production, quality management, research and development, in the maintenance of machines and systems, in storage and transport, clean room and building technology, in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Technical service providers rely on measuring equipment with our sensors, just like surveillance authorities, energy producers and consumers, factory customer services for compressed air and refrigeration technology or controllers in gastronomy and the retail industry.

Other applications

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Product Matrix
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The HMA pressure sensors provide amplified analog output signals and utilise precision digital signal conditioning to achieve high accuracies. More...
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