Helping to optimise medical care

Medical care of patients is becoming increasingly complex. Sensor technologies are playing an more and more important role in making medical devices more reliable and in simplifying their use for doctors, hospital and care staff or even, patients.

We know that medical technology saves lives. Applications in the area of medical technology must therefore satisfy particular requirements, which Sensortechnics has been successfully managing for many years with its sensor solutions:

  • Maximum precision and system stability
  • Development and production in line with the most stringent quality standards (ISO 13485:2003)
  • Extreme miniaturisation and low energy consumption
  • Long development, approval and usage times require the sensors to be available for a particularly long period of time

Successes and examples of use

Medical technology is one of the largest and strongest-growing areas of application in which Sensortechnics is successfully involved:

  • Ventilation / inhalers
    (including extremely sensitive sensors to detect spontaneous breathing early on)
  • Sleep apnoea (CPAP, BiPAP)
    (precise determination of pressure and flow to keep the patient's breathing work as low as possible)
  • Anaesthesia
    (maximum requirements in terms of precision and reliability)
  • Diagnostic systems
    (respiratory / lung function / oxygen concentration / blood gas analysis)
  • Dialysis
    (pressure and flow sensors ensure an even flow of blood and dialysate, airbubble detectors guarantee safe treatment of the patient)
  • Blood pressure / glucose monitoring / drip infusion – in the area of intensive care too
    (optimum control of pumps to take and give blood such that the patient's veins are not damaged and such that the correct dose of medication / infusion solution is supplied)
  • Heart, lung and other intensive care machines
    (blood pressure devices, liquid management systems, operating theatre safety systems, underpressure sleeves and many more)
  • Endoscopy
  • Dentistry
    (measuring water and airflow in dental instruments)
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Cell cultivation
    (precise supply of nutrient and carrier substances)
  • Ventilation (distribution of gas in the hospital)
    (precise measurement of pressure as the basis of optimum distribution)

Other applications

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