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A robust sensor system was needed for an automotive diagnostic unit that could be
used for multiple measuring tasks in a flexible way, to measure air, oil, fuel, and cooling
fluid pressures, and at the same time was suitable for rough shop floor environments. More...
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A pressure sensor was needed as a key component of a high-quality patient monitor,
capable of resolving and accurately recording pressures down to fractions of one
millibar, laying the base for optimal monitoring and control of the patient's breathing. More...
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Record amounts poured from bottles and transmit them wirelessly
to an inventory management system. Ease of use as well as protection
against user errors and misuse are a must. More...
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A sensor for flows up to 300 l/min was required for a medical respirator to synchronise
the respirator's operation with the patient's breathing phases. Early detection of the
inhaling phase was important. More...
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A manufacturer of clinical respiratory equipment was seeking a highly accurate flow sensor
to replace the hot-wire technology used until then. As a special requirement, the devices have
to be sterilised regularly in the course of hospital operations. More...
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