Small sensor, great in accuracy -
custom digital pressure sensor with 0.1 % overall accuracy

The challenge:
A pressure sensor was needed as a key component of a high-quality patient monitor, capable of resolving and accurately recording pressures down to fractions of one millibar, laying the base for optimal monitoring and control of the patient's breathing.

The solution:
Mechanically stable assemblies are achieved by placing a piezoresistive sensor element on a ceramic substrate with the help of highly advanced chip-on-board technology. A high-quality, low-noise amplifi er is used to amplify the measuring bridge's analog mV output signal, which is then digitised using a 24 bit A/D converter with a sample interval of 250 μs. This produces high resolution digital signals with a very high signal-to-noise ratio comparable with analog signals. A microcontroller adjusts the digitised sensor output signal using sensor specific calibration coefficients. The result is a custom Sensortechnics solution featuring an extremely high overall accuracy of typically 0.1 %FSO (max. 0.25 %FSO) over a 0...70 °C temperature range.

Custom digital pressure sensor with 0.1 % overall accuracy
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