Flow sensors

Be it a shallow breath or rapid flow – our sensors don't miss a thing

Sensortechnics' core competencies are the development and production of sensors for measuring mass and volume flow rates. Our flow rate sensors quickly record even the smallest flows with a high degree of accuracy. We offer leading solutions for medical and air conditioning technologies as well as for industrial applications.

Bidirectional thermal mass flow measurement

The thermal measuring principle is used when dealing with very high sensitivity and the precise measurement of the smallest flow rates in both directions. A heating element and temperature-sensitive resistors at the heart of the sensor monitor the mass flow rate using the temperature profile in the medium. The high-precision and fast-response sensor technology is ideal for ventilator machines among other things, because even the shallowest breath of spontaneous breathing can be registered.

Sensors for measuring volume flow rate

Differential pressure sensors are suitable for measuring the volume flow rate of gases and liquids according to the differential pressure procedure. The sensors record the minimum drop in pressure on a flow element (e.g. screen, nozzle, laminar flow element) which equates to a measurement for the volume flow rate. Robust, highly accurate and extremely low differential pressure sensors reliably monitor how much of the medium flows through the line at any given time.

Areas of use for flow sensors

Flow sensors are used in ventilator machines and inhalers, oxygen concentrators, insufflators and anaesthesia machines, to name but a few areas of application.

Air conditioning technology, fuel cells, gas analysers, low vacuum control, process control, filter monitoring, extraction hoods or gas measuring stations are further applications of these sensors.

Other applications

WBA series
WBA flow sensors
The WBA sensors offer mass flow measurement for air and gases based on a highly sensitive thermal measuring principle. More...
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