The HCLA pressure sensors perform precision digital signal conditioning and provide analogue and digital output at the same time. The sensors are calibrated, temperature compensated and linearised and use a special compensation technique to achieve very high offset stability and virtually no position sensitivity. They are intended to be used with dry and non-corrosive gases. Miniature SMT and SIL housings allow for space-saving PCB-mounting and maximum OEM design flexibility. All HCLA pressure sensors can be modified according to customer specific requirements.

Typical applications include medical devices, instrumentation, HVAC as well as industrial, pneumatic and environmental controls.
Technical specifications
Pressure ranges


Differential (Pressure/Vacuum)

0...2.5 to 0...75 mbar

0...±2.5 to 0...±75 mbar
Span   0.25...4.25 V, I²C-Bus
Non-linearity and hysteresis (typical, combined) ±0.05 %FSS
Pressure ranges   tube fitting (Ø 2 mm)
Non-linearity and hysteresis (typical, combined)   13 x 16 x 7 mm

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