Liquid level sensors and switches

Never losing sight of the level

To reliably monitor the level in tanks or containers, Sensortechnics offers a range of different sensor technologies. Depending on the application, they can register the level continuously or using limit values.

Hydrostatic and optical liquid level control

Whether you opt for the classic submersible sensor or a transmitter with a hydrostatic pressure measurement cell, the measurements are output in a form you can put to good use – as a current or voltage signal for pressure in bar, psi or water column. Our optical level switches monitor point levels to prevent a container from running dry or overflowing.

Non-contact measurement with capacitive sensors

Does the level need to be measured continuously and without contact? Our capacitive sensors measure through non-metallic containers and are thus also suitable for use with sterile or aggressive media. These innovative sensors use an electrode which forms a capacitance with the ambient medium. They can be calibrated quickly and flexibly to various levels and liquids.

What are the differences between Sensortechnics' various level measurement technologies?

The right technology for your application

Our sensors measure levels in open or closed tanks and containers, water reservoirs, wells and waste water. Other areas of use include medical suction pumps, laboratory and analysis equipment, industrial printing machines, water-in-oil measurements and many more.

Other applications

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Liquid level sensors
CLC series
CLC - Kapazitiver Füllstandssensor
The CLC series uses a new contact-free capacitive sensor technology to continuously measure the fill level of liquids as well as granular or pulverized materials. More...
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