BTEM6100G4CS, BTEM6250G4CS, BTEM6350G4CS, BTEM6500G4CS, BTE6001G4CS, BTE6002G4CS, BTE6005G4CS, BTE6010G4CS,
BTEM6100G0CS, BTEM6250G0CS, BTEM6350G0CS, BTEM6500G0CS, BTE6001G0CS, BTE6002G0CS, BTE6005G0CS, BTE6010G0CS,
BTEM6100G1CS, BTEM6250G1CS, BTEM6350G1CS, BTEM6500G1CS, BTE6001G1CS, BTE6002G1CS, BTE6005G1CS, BTE6010G1CS,
BTEM6100G5CS, BTEM6250G5CS, BTEM6350G5CS, BTEM6500G5CS, BTE6001G5CS, BTE6002G5CS, BTE6005G5CS, BTE6010G5CS,

BTE6001A4CS, BTE6002A4CS, BTE6005A4CS, BTE6010A4CS,
BTE6001A0CS, BTE6002A0CS, BTE6005A0CS, BTE6010A0CS,
BTE6001A1CS, BTE6002A1CS, BTE6005A1CS, BTE6010A1CS,
BTE6001A5CS, BTE6002A5CS, BTE6005A5CS, BTE6010A5CS,

PTU6001G4CS, PTU6003G4CS, PTU6005G4CS, PTU6010G4CS, PTU6015G4CS, PTU6030G4CS, PTU6050G4CS, PTU6100G4CS, PTU6150G4CS
PTU6001G0CS, PTU6003G0CS, PTU6005G0CS, PTU6010G0CS, PTU6015G0CS, PTU6030G0CS, PTU6050G0CS, PTU6100G0CS, PTU6150G0CS
PTU6001G1CS, PTU6003G1CS, PTU6005G1CS, PTU6010G1CS, PTU6015G1CS, PTU6030G1CS, PTU6050G1CS, PTU6100G1CS, PTU6150G1CS
PTU6001G5CS, PTU6003G5CS, PTU6005G5CS, PTU6010G5CS, PTU6015G5CS, PTU6030G5CS, PTU6050G5CS, PTU6100G5CS, PTU6150G5CS

PTU6015A4CS, PTU6030A4CS, PTU6050A4CS, PTU6100A4CS, PTU6150A4CS
PTU6015A0CS, PTU6030A0CS, PTU6050A0CS, PTU6100A0CS, PTU6150A0CS
PTU6015A1CS, PTU6030A1CS, PTU6050A1CS, PTU6100A1CS, PTU6150A1CS
PTU6015A5CS, PTU6030A5CS, PTU6050A5CS, PTU6100A5CS, PTU6150A5CS

BTW6001G4CS, BTW62x5G4CS, BTW63x5G4CS, BTW6005G4CS, BTW6010G4CS, BTW6020G4CS, BTW6050G4CS, BTW6100G4CS
BTW6001G0CS, BTW62x5G0CS, BTW63x5G0CS, BTW6005G0CS, BTW6010G0CS, BTW6020G0CS, BTW6050G0CS, BTW6100G0CS
BTW6001G1CS, BTW62x5G1CS, BTW63x5G1CS, BTW6005G1CS, BTW6010G1CS, BTW6020G1CS, BTW6050G1CS, BTW6100G1CS
BTW6001G5CS, BTW62x5G5CS, BTW63x5G5CS, BTW6005G5CS, BTW6010G5CS, BTW6020G5CS, BTW6050G5CS, BTW6100G5CS

BTW6010A4CS, BTW6020A4CS, BTW6050A4CS, BTW6100A4CS
BTW6010A0CS, BTW6020A0CS, BTW6050A0CS, BTW6100A0CS
BTW6010A1CS, BTW6020A1CS, BTW6050A1CS, BTW6100A1CS
BTW6010A5CS, BTW6020A5CS, BTW6050A5CS, BTW6100A5CS

BTE/PTU/BTW6000...CS; BTE6000...CS; PTU6000...CS; BTW6000...CS; BTE6000CS; PTU6000CS; BTW6000CS;

BTE / PTU / BTW6000...CS

The BTE / PTU / BTW6000...CS submersible hydrostatic liquid level sensors allow for high media compatibility with many industrial liquids. The level transmitters use fully welded stainless steel pressure sensor elements and feature rugged stainless steel housings. They are calibrated and temperature compensated and offer different amplified analogue output signals. All BTE / PTU / BTW6000...CS liquid level sensors can be modified according to customer specific requirements.

Typical applications include level measurement and level control of tanks and liquid supplies as well as water level measurement in reservoirs and wells.

Technical specifications
Pressure/level ranges Absolute

0...1 to 0...10 bar
0...10 to 0...100 mH2O
0...15 to 0...150 psi
0...35 to 0...350 ftH2O

0...0.1 to 0...10 bar
0...1 to 0...100 mH2O
0...1.5 to 0...150 psi
0...3.5 to 0...350 ftH2O
Output signals   4...20 mA, 0...20 mA, 0...10 V, 1...6 V
Non-linearity and hysteresis (typical, combined) ±0.1 %FSO
Size (appprox.)   Ø 27 x 151 mm

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