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Sensors for other measurements – special sensors from Sensortechnics

In addition to sensors for measuring pressure, flow and level, customers benefit from our expertise in other sensor technology areas. We not only supply our customers with an extensive range of measuring sensors; we supply and integrate miniaturised valves and pumps, too. In this way, you get everything from a single source – to precisely control gas and liquid flows as well as to measure them.

Miniature force sensors

Based on piezoresistive measuring technology, force sensors from Sensortechnics offer maximum sensitivity when it comes to small forces. They've proven their worth in medical devices (dialysis machines and drip-infusion pumps) and industrial applications (to control robots or in mechanical and systems engineering) as well as in laboratory and weighing technology,

Oxygen sensors

They are simple to calibrate and easy and reliable to use. When it comes to measuring oxygen, we recommend our non-consuming sensors with zirconium dioxide solid-state technology. In addition to medical technology, applications include the monitoring and control of combustion processes, ambient air monitoring, composting, sewage and air conditioning systems.

Air bubble sensors

Non-contact air bubble sensors from Sensortechnics are used in all applications where hoses and fixed lines have to be monitored. The sensors have proven themselves in detecting air bubbles as well as in metering, level monitoring and wet/dry signalling. They are frequently used in blood transfusion and dialysis machines, drip-infusion pumps and industrial metering systems.

Humidity sensors

Our robust humidity sensors are characterised by their small size and low power consumption. They are therefore excellently suited to battery-operated applications in mobile and portable devices. With these high-quality sensors Sensortechnics is present in various medical applications (e.g. ventilation machines, incubators, sleep apnoea machines). Other sensor applications are in air conditioning and refrigeration technology, building controls and meteorological equipment.

Miniaturised actuator technology

To complement the extensive range of sensors, we supply the finest pumps and valves to precisely control and convey gas and liquid flows in medical, measuring, analytics and laboratory technologies. The miniature solenoid valves save space, energy and have optimised flow characteristics which lend them to being ideally suited as switchover and proportional valves. For aggressive media, we offer versions with separating diaphragms and specialy chosen media-resistant materials. Our miniature diaphragm pumps work quietly and efficiently and are extremely low-maintenance resulting in extended servicelives.

Other applications

TX valves
TX solenoid valve
The TX miniature switching solenoid valves offer only 8 mm wide housings and allow for space-saving PCB-mounting. More...
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