VSOEPS10-50-15, VSOEPS10-50-50, VSOEPS10-50-100, VSOEPS30-50-15, VSOEPS30-50-50, VSOEPS30-50-100, VSOEPA10-50-15, VSOEPA10-50-50, VSOEPA10-50-100, VSOEPA30-50-30, VSOEVE10-50-150, VSOEVE30-50-345


Electronic pressure controllers are precision devices which maintain a pneumatic process pressure at a preset level using closed-loop control. These devices can be configured to control pressure, vacuum or flow and replace mechanical control systems or mass flow controllers.

Typical applications include carrier gas flow control, microfluidic flow control, gas-over-liquid flow control, hydro-dynamic focusing and dispense applications.

Technical specifications
Electronic pressure controller
Media   Non-corrosive gases
Pressure ranges
15, 30, 50, 100 psi,
vacuum -150, -345 mbar
Size (approx., L x W x H)
  57 x 57 x 32 mm

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