LQX122W12FFFS000; LQX122W24FFFS000; LQX122W12EPFS000; LQX122W24EPFS000; LQX122W12FF48000; LQX122W24FF48000; LQX122W12EP48000; LQX122W24EP48000
LQX123W12FFFS000; LQX123W24FFFS000; LQX123W12EPFS000; LQX123W24EPFS000; LQX123W12FF48000; LQX123W24FF48000; LQX123W12EP48000; LQX123W24EP48000


The media isolated LQX12 solenoid valves feature a diaphragm optionally made of EPDM or FFKM elastomer and are compatible with aggressive liquids and gases. The 12 mm valves achieve high flow rates of 25 l/min air at 50 psi (3.5 bar) and offer a manifold sub-base. Optionally, 3-way versions are available with 1/4-28 fluid connectors. The valves feature a low internal volume smaller 32 µl.

Typical applications include analytical devices such as liquid chromatographs, as well as medical and clinical diagnostics instruments.

Technical specifications
Valve type
Ports / function
Isolated diaphragm solenoid valves
3-way universal,
2-way normally closed
Media   Gases and liquids
Supply voltage
  12 or 24 V
Operating pressure

Vacuum to 50 psi
Orifice size
  0.040 inch
Size (approx., L x W x H)
  30 x 12 x 40 mm

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