Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf proportional solenoid valves precisely control the flow of gas in proportion to input current and provide optimal system performance when using closed loop feedback. The valves are thermally compensated to maintain ideal flow. Their pressure ports allow for direct tubing connections or manifold mounting.

Typical applications include medical devices, analytical equipment as well as industrial machines.

Technical specifications
Valve type Type
Proportional solenoid valves
Normally Open (NO)
Media   Air and select gases
Supply voltage   5.5 to 29 V
Operating pressure
10, 20 or 25 psi,
vacuum -20 inHg
Orifice sizes    0.024, 0.030 or 0.036 inch
Size (approx., L x W x H) 
  45 x 16 x 17 mm

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