V2 Valve
V2 Valve

V2 Valve

The V2 Valve miniature switching solenoid valves offer a cost-effective solution with a unique PBT plastic body. The valves can be soldered directly onto a PCB providing both electrical termination and mechanical attachment. Their pressure ports allow for direct tubing connections or manifold mounting.

Typical applications include medical devices, analytical equipment as well as industrial machines.
Technical specifications
Valve type Type
Switching solenoid valves
2-way or 3-way
Normally closed (NC),
normally open (NO) or distributor
Media   Non-corrosive gases
Supply voltage   5, 12 or 24 V
Operating pressure
6, 15, 25, 30, 50 or 100 psi, vacuum -27 inHg
Orifice sizes / equivalent Cv 
  0.030 inch / 0.017 Cv
0.050 inch / 0.035 Cv
Size (approx., L x W x H) 
  44 x 16 x 17 mm

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