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Reliable, highly accurate pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for air, gases and liquids form the largest part of our extensive product range. Do you require especially accurate or small sensors? Do you work with a medium that requires extremely robust and hard-wearing sensors? Does your system need particular signal formats? We have got the right sensors to suit your purposes.

We offer sensor solutions of the highest quality with a multitude of electrical interfaces, process connections and housing shapes.

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From 0.25 mbar to 1,000 bar

Our pressure sensors for air and gases work according to the piezoresistive measuring principle. Four resistors are combined on a thin silicone diaphragm to form a measurement bridge. When it comes to liquids, industrial transmitters with ceramic or stainless steel pressure measurement cells are used. Media compatibility and a long service life are therefore guaranteed in aggressive and corrosive media.

In medical and HVAC applications, piezoresistive sensors are complemented by innovative extremely low differential pressure sensors. Thanks to a new technology based on thermal mass flow measurement these sensors combine rapid response behaviour with extremely high sensitivity.

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Sensortechnics – in all applications where pressure needs measuring

Areas of use include medical technology (ventilation, anaesthesia, dialysis and drip-infusion machines) and industrial applications (pneumatics, hydraulics and automation) for media such as oils, fuels, coolants, water and other aggressive and non-aggressive liquids. They are also used in HVAC technology, measuring technology, environmental technology, analytics and other applications.

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The digital LDE differential low pressure sensors are based on thermal flow measurement of gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the sensor chip. More...
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