144LP05D-PCB 144LP10D-PCB 144LP20D-PCB 144LP50D-PCB
144LU01D-PCB 144LU02D-PCB 144LU05D-PCB 144LU10D-PCB 144LU20D-PCB

144SM070D-PCB 144SM350D-PCB 144SB001D-PCB 144SB002D-PCB
144SB005D-PCB 144SB010D-PCB 144SB001A-PCB 144SB002A-PCB 144SB005A-PCB
144SU01D-PCB 144SU05D-PCB 144SU15D-PCB 144SU30D-PCB 144SU100D-PCB
144SU15A-PCB 144SU30A-PCB 144SU100A-PCB

144SC1216BARO 144SC0811BARO

144S / 144L...PCB

The 144S / 144L...PCB pressure sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated and provide an amplified analogue output signal. They are intended to be used with dry and non-corrosive gases. All 144S / 144L...PCB pressure sensors can be modified according to customer specific requirements.

Typical applications include medical devices, instrumentation, HVAC as well as industrial, pneumatic and environmental controls.

Technical specification
Pressure ranges Absolute

0...15 to 0...100 psi
0...1 to 0...5 bar
Barometric pressure ranges, 
e.g. 800...1100 mbar

0...1 inH2O to 150 psi
0...2.5 mbar to 0...10 bar
Output signal   0...5 V
Non-linearity and hysteresis (typical, combined) ±0.1 %FSO
Pressure connection   tube fitting (Ø 4 mm)
Size without nipples and pins (approx.)   60 x 30 x 16 mm

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