HCL0005D HCL0005E HCL0005G HCL0005H HCL0005P HCL0005Q HCL0005T
HCL12x5D HCL12x5E HCL12x5G HCL12x5H HCL12x5P HCL12x5Q HCL12x5T
HCL0025D HCL0025E HCL0025G HCL0025H HCL0025P HCL0025Q HCL0025T
HCL0050D HCL0050E HCL0050G HCL0050H HCL0050P HCL0050Q HCL0050T
HCL0075D HCL0075E HCL0075G HCL0075H HCL0075P HCL0075Q HCL0075T


The HCL pressure sensors measure ultra low pressures from 5 mbar and are intended to be used with dry and non-corrosive gases. The sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated. They use a special compensation technology to achieve a very high offset stability and virtually no position sensitivity. Sensortechnics can provide custom specific pressure ranges and sensor modifications on request. Different miniature SMT and SIL housings allow for space-saving PCB-mounting and maximum OEM design flexibility.

Typical applications include medical devices, instrumentation, HVAC as well as industrial, pneumatic and environmental controls.

Technical specifications
Pressure ranges Differential/Gage/Vacuum 0...5 to 0...75 mbar
Output signal (typical) at Vs = 12 V   0...20 mV
Non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability (typical, combined) ±0.05 %FSS
Pressure connection   tube fitting (Ø 2 mm)
Size without nipples and pins (approx.)   13 x 16 x 7 mm

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